ExploitedCollegeGirls – Andria The Beauty

Today we’re proud to present to you first timer Andria, who we believe to be one of THE most beautiful girls we’ve ever had on ExCoGi. Supermodel gorgeous, like TC points out, and he’s right. Beyond that, Andria is also really sweet, super sexual, and just overall one of the coolest chicks one could ever hope to hang out with. So what’s she doing on a damn porn site then? And does she have a boyfriend? What’s the worst pickup line she’s ever heard? First sexual experience? Well, these and many other questions are answered during the interviews and Q and A sessions in the beginning and in the end. You see, Andria’s movie is 100 minutes long. That’s right, well over an hour and a half of superbabe goodness. Most of that is steaming hot sex and naughty play, but this does also include really thorough getting-to-know-her segments where she reveals just about everything about her personal life you might be interested in. Like the fact that she has a boyfriend. Who doesn’t know she’s here today. Little gems like t at. Andria and just this entire shoot is so fantastic, it’s really hard trying to point out highlights or even give you a good summary of everything here. It’s quite simply one of THE best ExCoGi shoots of all time. Most of that is because of Andria. Seriously, look at this babe. We still can’t believe our luck here. And the fact she’s so cool about sex – and even takes it in her amazing ass (!!) just makes this whole thing sweeter. The only neg here is the damn audio. It’s summer here and air conditioning is mandatory. We do apply noise reduction where possible but…well, if you do editing, you know it’s a tricky bitch. If not, just know it’s a tricky bitch and we apologize for less-than-optimal audio. This might seem funny coming from a porn site but if you’ve been with ExCoGi for any length of time then you know we get very personal with these girls and there is a lot of interviews and behind the scenes antics for which audio is important. Visually though, the whole shoot is amazing, however. But cocklord TC puts Andria through the paces over and over again. These two clearly hit it off – there’s quite a bit of kissing and you can feel the passion pulsate (heh) from the screen. Andria orgasms over and over again and it’s absolutely wonderful when she does. Sometimes you can see her legs and butt shake a little when she cums. Other times it’s a more subtle affair, with some face flushing and breath changes. Either way, watching this beauty orgasm is like watching an angel dance. Too much hyperbole? Ok ok, maybe you’re right. We are clearly super excited about this girl. There is SO much hot stuff going on in this video, the little preview thumbnail pics below don’t do this any justice. TC fucks her good, as some of you would say, and Andria enjoys every minute of it. After one of the longest, most energetic sex fests of all time, Andria takes another shower and that’s where we learn her true motivation to become a pornstar. Will we see her again? We fucking hope so. We fully expect an onslaught of “bring Andria back!”- messages from many of you. And we’ll be more than happy to oblige. Maybe a threeway (she hinted at girlie lovin’ during the interview.

Rates : 43